07 November, 2009

Stories IV - Lebanese Postmodernism

"Art is the process or product of deliberately arranging elements in a way that appeals to the senses or emotions."     

When I see this, makes me wonder how the hell those stairs arrived there. 
I have a feeling the original story wouldn't be as interesting as where our imagination might take us... and the things we will come up with. Tell me what you think...

One thing is sure, the person who decided to put those stairs there, is a BIG FUCKING ARTIST !!! 
Hail !

14 October, 2009

Stories III: 2-2.5 million

A couple of days after getting my camera, i hit the streets... 
There was this man who saw me. He told me to take a picture of him.
He then introduces himself, telling me his name and where he is from...
Then, he asks me: how much is the population in our country ?
I say: 3 million maybe...
He says: I alone know 2 - 2.5 million. And they know me! One day, you might show this picture to someone, or have it hanged somewhere, be sure that somebody will come to you and tell you "i know this man".

This is how i edited his picture.
I saw him again many times. He lives not very far from me. He owns a little store on the road.
I gave him a print of this picture. 
He felt so old, he told me: "If my wife saw this picture, she would leave me right away".

Anyway, I saw him again a couple of days ago, me and my friend were looking for something to eat.
He was selling corn at night. Such a welcoming and strong personality.
Started telling us abt the time when he was supposed to have a big shot role in a feature film... 

Photojournalism II : Clichés of Bourj Hammoud

09 October, 2009

Stories II: The Balcony

I discovered an abandoned place. A very old restaurant i suppose... nothing there. Until you go down.
It's a place where fishermen meet, where a man, Amer, around 50 years old, practically lives there, with his cat Mimi and her little kittens.
Amer hates having his picture being taken. He let me take a picture of Mimi a long time ago. He was very pleased when i gave him a print. I go see him sometimes... he loves talking about politics. He seems educated & aware.
He's poor. But he has the best view ever!
Every once in a while, children go upstairs, and jump from the balcony to the sea...
The kid who jumped in this picture... didnt jump too well. He hurt his arm...but was okay enough to try it again !
People are living like a big family there... it's all about sharing.
Not much of an abandoned place...

A Stranger : Upper Lip

A man, his cat Jimmy (see if you can find him), and a project on his mind...

La Nuit...