07 November, 2009

Stories IV - Lebanese Postmodernism

"Art is the process or product of deliberately arranging elements in a way that appeals to the senses or emotions."     

When I see this, makes me wonder how the hell those stairs arrived there. 
I have a feeling the original story wouldn't be as interesting as where our imagination might take us... and the things we will come up with. Tell me what you think...

One thing is sure, the person who decided to put those stairs there, is a BIG FUCKING ARTIST !!! 
Hail !


  1. Simply Wonderful. Amazing setting and a great photo. Congrats.

  2. Amazing shot! Can't stop looking at the details.. Where was this taken?

  3. wow!
    really brilliant photo!

    "person who decided to put those stairs there, is a BIG FUCKING ARTIST " AMEN!!

  4. indeed he is :)
    and i love the shot!

  5. Superbe image, elle met bien en valeur cet extraordinnaire escalier!

    Bien sympa ce blog!

  6. love picture!:)
    and the man who did that was not just an artists! he was very practical!
    and picture is really awaking imagination, trying to think how those stairs got there..crazy variations of how :)
    but this is very practical, might be the easiest way to get stairs enough high ;)