11 March, 2011



  1. brilliant set! Great juxtaposition with the writing in the 1° and 5° image! Well spotted.
    I love the symmetry and contrast in the second image between the girl in pink and the woman with the veil behind her.
    the third one makes me smile, it is rare nowadays to see three people on one scooter, and no crash elmets of course :P
    Unusual and funny situations in the other images, the fully dressed dive is awesome! :D

  2. fi3lan insolite!!!!! j'aime beaucoup ... comme d'habitude.

  3. Thanks so much Mary!!
    I seriously invite everyone to watch your work! Its such an inspiration! You're the queen of unusual and funny situations :D

    @Hala: Yalla commence a prendre des photos!

  4. thanks Damien :D I try to capture a lil bit of joy & fun every now and then ;)