09 October, 2009

Stories II: The Balcony

I discovered an abandoned place. A very old restaurant i suppose... nothing there. Until you go down.
It's a place where fishermen meet, where a man, Amer, around 50 years old, practically lives there, with his cat Mimi and her little kittens.
Amer hates having his picture being taken. He let me take a picture of Mimi a long time ago. He was very pleased when i gave him a print. I go see him sometimes... he loves talking about politics. He seems educated & aware.
He's poor. But he has the best view ever!
Every once in a while, children go upstairs, and jump from the balcony to the sea...
The kid who jumped in this picture... didnt jump too well. He hurt his arm...but was okay enough to try it again !
People are living like a big family there... it's all about sharing.
Not much of an abandoned place...


  1. Touching blog..all the articles are interesting my favorite pic is that house on camp Amchit!actually this picture made me look back at the author of these article and it was you! beautiful work...

  2. La différence entre plonger pour jouer ou plonger pour mourir, captée dans ce moment photographique.