20 May, 2011

Beautiful Strangers IV


  1. The first image is striking, the look of the serious little girl is so intense. Wonderful round up of faces and characters and stories. I loved to see the many different reactions of people seing you taking their picture, and the different kind of portraits, sometimes close and sometimes in environment. The man with the melon and the women in the last image are wonderful. The guys between the writing future - fuck u...great juxtaposition.

  2. Another wonderful set. The Citroen just made me smile. Once there was a time when we saw those by the dozens over here.

  3. Thanks everyone and sorry for that long awaited reply :p

    @Mary: thanks so much :D I think you'd be surprised by people's reactions to a camera in this country. There isnt so much and people are curious, hence their expressions ;) Sometimes i wonder If i should write about the pictures, the characters, their stories... or let the pictures speak for themselves... the man with the melon was very interesting. He explained to me how he had nothing in his life, and now he's rich thanks to gambling...

    @Damien: Let's go to Cuba... only old cars there! ;)

    @Stam & Sara: Merci beaucoup ! :D

  4. I really really love this, especially the kids on the apartment and those two women (whose one of them looks like posing (?) :D) Those are great genuine expression from those people, I love how you captured it. I tried to do that once, when I wandered around the street alone. I took some of their picture, I actually asked them, and they seemed happy to do it, but because of my stupid fear, I hesitated when taking photos (so the compositions are not good >_<). There's always this voice inside my head when I wander around the street : they hate, me, they don't like to be photographed, they will chase me, kill me, and mutilate me!! (or this version : the police will take me, keep me in prison, or crash my camera!!).

    stupid fear of course :p