25 June, 2011


Most of these pictures were lurking in my archives, never knew when was the right moment to actually do a decent post... They're very random and picked a single shot out of many... Hope you like them :) 

Baalbeck, 25th of July 2009 - Crowd throwing cushions after the Deep Purple gig.
Baalbeck, 25th of July 2009 - Ian Gillian, Deep Purple's vocalist.
Baalbeck, 25th of July 2009 - Steve Morse, Deep Purple's guitarist sharing his guitar with the fans.
Baalbeck, 25th of July 2009 - Before Purple's concert in the Majestic temple
Beiteddine, 18 July 2009 - Emir Kusturica & the No Smoking Orchestra.
Beiteddine, 18 July 2009 - Powerful Performance by Nele Karajlić, singer of the No Smoking Orchestra.
Byblos, 23 July 2009 - Gonzales decided to rap and play piano with his feet.
Beirut, 11 October 2009 - American jazz singer & pianist Freddy Cole and his Trio.
Beirut, 12 June 2011 - Goran Bregovic & his Weddings and Funerals Orchestra