13 January, 2010

Thank You

Hello people,

I noticed a lot of activity on my blog recently, and i thought i'd give a sign...

My name is Elias Moubarak, my friends call me Moobz.
I am currently trying to make a documentary, independently...
I am very passionate about photography. And I take it very seriously.
For me,the greatest photography material in Lebanon is the people who are living in it... they bring out emotions and stories.
I like to shed lights on certain things we forget existent in this world...
Expect an Exhibition very soon in the Centre Culturel of Jbeil, where 30 of my pictures will be exposed.
As soon as I finish my documentary, I want to focus more on photography and better my skills by doing a masters or study photojournalism.
My dream is to take pictures around the world, where there are conflicts and people in need.
I want to thank all of you who have taken time to see my work and left me a comment.
A big thanks to all of you, silent strangers and known & unknown friends who are supporting me by linking my blog on Facebook, Twitter, DeviantArt, Tumblr, Stumbleupon... I know who you are ! 




  1. Elias, amazing blog that I stumbled upon by chance. Just twittered it for the world to check it out :)
    Kudos and hope you soon go on to photograph the world.

  2. Thanks a lot Hala :D
    It really means a lot to me...