30 July, 2011

Clichés of Ramlet el Bayda


  1. I love all them, and that's very smart of you put that first picture there! *rofl* wicked (lol). The most favorite one is the children playing with the water, reminds me of my childhood when I visited my parents' hometown and tried to catch the wave :p Also the 8th picture, where the couple hug each other, that's sweet...(but makes me wondering, why they have to do that in the middle of the sea?)

  2. haha thanks a lot Meutia!
    About the couple hugging in the middle of the sea... its because we dont live in a very 'open minded' society. I think what's more weird is that women are not wearing a bathing suit ;)

  3. Seaside here in Italy is so different...Here it is a place where people show their bodies and play living a free and wild life in the most domesticated places you can think about, where everything - EVERYTHING - is tourist-sized. Oh well. I like the wide spaces there, the monotonous backgrounds of waves and sand, the simple shape of the fun. The last three images are wonderful. I love also the one of the kid playing with the wave. The first one is very funny :D

  4. @Mary: Lol i love your comment, thanks ! :D
    Lebanon is a country of contrast and hypocrisy. You'd be surprised ;)
    There are different parts in Lebanon where according to religion, the mind is 'open'... In here, girls are mostly afraid of going in a swim suit. But in other areas, its bikinis, champagne, bimbos, tourists etc hehe. You'd be surprised how Lebanese people are extremely different from a place to another :p