07 August, 2011

Quand le Coeur s'arrête de battre - When the Heart stops beating

I don’t talk much. Not only because I’d rather have my pictures do the talking, but because it’s so much easier not to talk or discuss pictures like these.
Most people wonder about misery. They look at it, stare at it, and will walk away from it very easily in order to forget it. I chose to take pictures of it. 
I look at it, stare at it, and live with it through my pictures.
I know I should have other choices as a photographer. But it feels instinctive to want to show what a MAD world we’re living in. These things shouldn’t exist.
We’re all equal souls.
I might be an extremist against anything that isn’t justice or reason.
There is no joy out of taking these pictures. There’s only a person with a camera trying very hard to find himself and make sense out of the human condition…

(Also Posted on Beirut Street Photography)

Salt - Lebanon – Dora – 2011

Shame & Protect Lebanon – Corniche – 2010
She was protecting her brother from being photographed. In the end, I think she ended up making a big favor to the adult who asked an 8 year old kid to polish his shoe.

The World Behind - Italy – Torino – 2009

When God is in the House -  Lebanon – Jounieh – 2010
God’s messenger walks away from a deprived mother. 

On the SideLebanon - Dora – 2011


  1. Elias, this is an amazing collection - especially the b&w stuff.

  2. what to comment Elias, your work always leaves me speechless.


  3. these photos are beyond words indeed, and very often life itself is beyond words. Everytime it makes it clear that there is no coherence and rightness and balance in it. When there is no possible explanation that would make it understandable and fix it...
    I always said that your photos 'talk'. They denounce situations, they tell stories, the communicate feelings, much stronger and directly than thousands words. Keep it up Elias

  4. @ MAry: Never ending thanks to you :D
    Well, people, considering their environment and upbringing are drawn into capturing different situations. I think I always had a thing for social justice... Lebanon is a mess ! :p (& in the end, I'm a child of war)

  5. Your photos always make me think about my behaviour.. rather than judging people, I keep thinking "Am I doing the same??" not that I am good person, but your picture always makes me thinking. Always great work, Mr. Elias

  6. @Meutia: thanks so much Meutia! Also for sharing my work. Waiting for more pics from you :D

  7. Elias, I love what you wrote almost as much as the photos you take. It's impressive how you manage to capture exactly the impression you want to show. I will be keeping track of this blog!